How To Make Agua De Jamaica

How To Make Agua De Jamaica
October 8, 2023

How To Make Agua De Jamaica

Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus drink) is one of the most famous agua frescas beverages in Mexico. This flavorful drink is clean, complete of antioxidants, and first-rate smooth to make. If you have not tried a tall glass of Jamaica but, I’ll show you the way to do it here. I especially propose trying it!

In Mexico Agua de Jamaica (mentioned ha-MY-cah) is available 12 months-spherical in seaside towns in Mexico. You can find it in massive glass packing containers along side horchata, melon, tamarind and other agua frescas flavors at avenue stands, small restaurants and uniqueness stores specializing in those forms of beverages. The hibiscus plant (also referred to as roselle, soursop, and red sorrel) is native to North Africa and Southeast Asia and changed into sooner or later introduced to Mexico.

Some believe that the hibiscus plant became delivered to Mexico from China across the 16th century; others accept as true with it comes from the no longer-too-distant united states of america of Jamaica (as a result the call). Today, the plant thrives in many states of Mexico inclusive of Guerrero, Michoacán and Oaxaca, producing heaps of lots according to year. And even though the hibiscus drink has no roots in Mexico, it has become an quintessential a part of our gastronomy.

In addition to making Jamaica Agua fresca, the hibiscus vegetation are also used to make popsicles, quesadillas (consider it or now not), salsas, jams, and cakes. In truth, we love hibiscus so much that Jamaica, in line with the Mexican agriculture internet site (Agricultura de Mexico), harvests approximately 7,000 tons each yr. So when you have already attempted this delicious drink, Agua de Jamaica is a healthful drink which you have to surely attempt.

What is Aqua de Jamaica?

Agua de Jamaica (pronounced ha-MY-kuh in Spanish) is a refreshing and flavorful drink made from dried roselle hibiscus, also called Hibiscus sabdariffa, and is very popular in Mexico. Making Agua de Jamaica could be very smooth and takes about 15 mins with only some ingredients.

Is Jamaica’s drink healthy?

Here are a few ability benefits of eating hibiscus flower products:

Rich in antioxidants: Hibiscus plant life are a great supply of antioxidants which includes anthocyanins and polyphenols. Antioxidants help defend the body’s cells from oxidative strain and loose radical harm, potentially lowering the threat of chronic disorder.

Lower blood strain: Some research suggests that hibiscus tea may also assist lower blood pressure because of its ability to relax blood vessels. This effect may be beneficial for people with excessive blood pressure, however should now not update prescription drugs with out consulting a doctor.

Heart health: Regular intake of hibiscus tea can make a contribution to better coronary heart health by way of decreasing blood pressure and lowering LDL (horrific) ldl cholesterol.

Kidney Health: Hibiscus tea has diuretic properties, meaning it may help flush toxins and extra fluid from the frame. This can doubtlessly aid kidney fitness, but people with kidney troubles ought to seek advice from a physician earlier than use.

Liver fitness: Some animal research suggest that hibiscus extract may additionally have a protective impact on the liver and probable lessen the danger of liver disease.

Digestive Health: Hibiscus tea is said to have a moderate laxative impact which can resource digestion by relieving constipation and selling normal bowel movements.

Immune gadget guide: The nutrition C content material in hibiscus flora can beef up the immune gadget and assist the frame combat infections.

Skin health: Hibiscus is utilized in some pores and skin care products due to its capacity to sell healthy skin. It can also assist with conditions which includes pimples and ageing pores and skin, despite the fact that greater research is wanted in this place.

What is the Mexican drink Jamaica made of?

The conventional Jamaican drink (hibiscus tea) calls for handiest substances together with dry hibiscus plant life (Flor de Jamaica), water, sugar and ice. But I even have visible human beings add spices like allspice, cinnamon stick, nutmeg, cloves and lime juice depending on their taste.

What does Jamaica taste like?

The hibiscus drink has a completely unique, sour and barely earthy taste. It has a fruity flavor paying homage to cranberry juice or cherry, with a slight floral word. The Jamaican drink is thought for its bright purple shade, which comes from the dried plants utilized in it. Overall, Jamaica is a fresh and flavorful drink that can be a wholesome alternative to soda.

INGREDIENTS used to How To Make Agua De Jamaica

Dried hibiscus flowers




How To Make Agua De Jamaica ?

This recipe is easy and simple, so there is no want to interrupt the recipe into steps.

1.Place the dried hibiscus plant life in a small saucepan with three cups of water. Let them boil. Cook on medium heat for about 2-three minutes. Set apart for at the least four hours; You can also do this step in a single day.

2.Strain the liquid right into a jug and upload 4 dl of cold water and sugar. You can regulate the water addition in case you discover it too heavy for your flavor buds. Stir, add ice cubes and allow cool. Have amusing.


For a properly-blended flavor, it is advocated to let the hibiscus aggregate take a seat for at least four hours. But you could additionally put together your drink at once

How long does Aqua de Jamaica can keep?

Agua de Jamaica will last up to three days if saved nicely within the refrigerator. Afterwards, it is able to lose its taste and freshness. For the fine flavor enjoy, it’s far constantly high-quality to consume it as fast as viable.

Ingredients Quantity for making:

1 ¼ cup hibiscus Jamaica flower

three cups of water

four cups of water for two liters of the finished drink

½ cup sugar

Ice cubes.

How To Make Agua De Jamaica /Instructions ?

This recipe is simple and straightforward, so there’s no need to break the recipe into steps.

1.Place the dried hibiscus plant life in a small saucepan with three cups of water.

2.Let them boil.

3.Cook on medium heat for about 2-3 mins. (Check the aspect list below) Let rest for at the least 4 hours; You also can try this step overnight.

4.Strain the liquid into a jug and upload 4 dl of bloodless water and sugar.

5.You can alter the water addition in case you discover it too heavy to your flavor buds. Stir, add ice cubes and let cool. Enjoy!

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